Compiling using Arduino IDE

  1. First you have to install and open the Arduino IDE.

  2. In Arduino go to File -> Preferences add this URL in Additional Boards Manager URLs

  • (the screenshot below is using outdated URLs)

External PICTURE adding board url

  1. Go to Tools -> Board -> Boards Manager, search “esp8266” and install esp8266 first, then arduino-esp8266-deauther
    External PICTURE installing sdk

  2. Select your board at Tools -> Board and be sure it is at ESP8266 Deauther Modules (and not at ESP8266 Modules)!
    External PICTURE select board

  3. Download the source code for this project from the releases page. You can also clone the project to get the latest changes, but you will also get the latest bugs ;)

  4. Extract the whole .zip file, navigate to esp8266_deauther and open esp8266_deauther.ino with Arduino.

  5. Check your upload settings and press upload!

  6. You might want to adjust the display, LED and button configurations. You can do that in the A_config.h file (second tab in Arduino). You can also find predefined configfor certain boards there: A_config.h.