A collection of cool projects people made with the ESP8266 Deauther.

I hope this gives some inspiration and motivation to make/hack something together yourself :)
If you have a cool project that isn’t listed here, let us know to add it by tweeting us @SpacehuhnTech!

Deauthing Sandals

Becky Button @einsteinunicorn in collaboration with Naomi Wu @RealSexyCyborg designed and 3D printed a sandal. They put the ESP8266 Adafruit Feather HUZZAH in it, together with a LiPo battery to power it. A truly fun project that shows that you can put an ESP8266 everywhere!

Drone Hacking a FAKE Makerspace

Naomi Wu @RealSexyCyborg had fun annoying a fake Makerspace in Shenzhen using a drone that drops an ESP8266 to send a bunch of SSIDs. She used the beacon-spam code for this but you can do the same thing with the deauther and a autostart script.

Deauther Magnet Box for Fridge

Tobozo designed, printed and filled this nice box with an ESP8266 board, a 18650 Li-ion, a battery charger, a big 2.4 inch OLED, an on/off switch, a thumbstick and a few magnets to stick the whole box on the fridge!

Deauth Detector with 10W RGB

Just a short video to show you that with the version 2.0, you can connect all kinds of LEDs! I have a simple standalone DeauthDetector script but here I used the deauther 2.0 as it has a build-in support for different LEDs and can also detect deauthentication frames when scanning.

Pwned the pwner

Dave @davedarko shows you in this quick video that changing the default password and SSID is a good idea! He made a script that searches for deauthers and try to log into them with the default credentials. When it’s successful it will change the SSID and password and send a restart request. But please note that this script was made for the 1.6 version and would need a few adjustments to work against the version 2.0.

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