Fake Boards

Fake WEMOS Board 1 Fake WEMOS Board 2

You will find some cheaper boards that look like the official deauther boards but for lower prices. I highly recommend to stay away from them!
These companies like to copy Travis Lin’s (DSTIKE) designs, use my software and sell it as seemingly official Wemos boards!
Recently they started to label their boards as “TTGO”. They don’t put much effort into it, so the quality is often horrible and the PCB design very poor.
DON’T SUPPORT THIS BEHAVIOUR! This is not how open source works! It hurts not only this project, but the whole community around it!

Here are some of the biggest shops (mostly on AliExpress) you better stay away from:

  • FACE-TO-FACE Electronic
  • Seatechnolgy

Fake WEMOS Board 3 Fake WEMOS Board 4